Body Contouring

Janssens beauty equipment now brings you the body shaper with this technology we are helping people to reduce cellulite and fat and tighten up unwanted stubborn areas.

It combines the Mano polar RF and bipolar RF tripolar RF ultrasonic waves and vacuum suction him out and break down cellulite and fat. Also tightening the tissue with the RF radio frequency technology.

The ultrasonic sound wave penetrates down into the layer of the fat and the sidelight to explode the fire into tiny molecules that excreted from the body the RF heats the tissue and new collagen and elastin 10 comes to the area to renew and tighten the tissue.


Safe and effective

The RF an ultrasonic sound waves are very safe the RF and sound waves penetrate the desired area the waves are gentle and comfortable and highly affected during the course of the eight sessions you will notice the inch lost fat reduction cellulite smooth out areas tightening up your clothes start to feel more comfortable and loose at the fat cells are illuminated.

Any limitations?

There are a few limitations with this device during your consultation the main ones are no pregnancy no metal screws in the body no high blood pressure And no migraines

Is there any preparation?

It is important to eat within an hour of your treatment it is rare but some people have experienced something like motion sickness because of the sound waves by having something in your stomach it prevents the possibility. It’s also important to drink lots of water after your treatment. The body will be trying to excrete the waste and by drinking water it will help this process.