Indian Head Massage

Benefits Of Indian Head Massage:

Highly relaxing for the mind and nervous system

Stimulates Circulation, increasing effectiveness of memory and concentration Assists with hair follicle stimulation and thus hair growth

Can lessen pain associated with muscular tension in back, neck and head (including Migraines)

Induces an overall sense of well-being, empowering one to cope more effectively with stress. Can improve quality of sleep


What to Expect...

You are fully clothed for this treatment-(best to dress in comfortable attire such as yoga or fitness clothing)

The Spa Version has you initially seated in a chair while the Practitioner works on your shoulders, neck and scalp. You then relocate to the massage table and your treatment is completed by acupressure on the face and ears, and some more scalp massage. Oil at the finishing stage of the scalp massage is optional.