Nail Treatment Services

  • Manicure
  • Paraffin Bath
  • Pedicure
  • Shellac


At Beautiful You Spa and Lash Boutique, we realize that for most of our Woodstock customers, a spa manicure is a treat. That is why when you visit Beautiful You Spa and Lash Boutique we will make sure you receive as much pampering as possible. We take great pride in our award-winning spa manicure that has provided women, and a growing number of men, from across Woodstock with top quality hand-nail care. As part of our superior spa manicure treatment; you will receive cuticle care, nail filing and shaping as well as a hand and finger massage from our expertly trained manicure specialists. This unique experience is the perfect getaway for a full day retreat but is also ideal for those with less time on their hands.

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Paraffin Bath

In recent times, paraffin baths have increased in popularity with our clients. The simple fact of the matter is that this treatment is the perfect accompaniment for men and women who receive manicures and pedicures regularly. However, a paraffin bath can also prove extremely beneficial to the more occasional spa visitor. The reason for this is simple. A paraffin bath is one of the very few spa treatments that offers all of the pleasure without any of the pain. What’s more, the healing and skin-softening nature of this treatment means that it is also extremely beneficial for those with dry or hardened skin on their hands and feet.

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Have you always wanted a pedicure but never felt confident enough to follow through? Are you sensitive about your feet and toe nails and afraid to expose them during the summer? Perhaps you simply love pedicures but haven’t had the time for one recently. Whatever the reason, there is no time like the present to introduce or re-familiarize yourself with the wonders of a relaxing and rejuvenating pedicure.

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If you are someone who values durability and style in equal measure, then a shellac nail treatment might be the perfect option for you. Using a hybrid nail gel and polish formula, shellac nails can leave your unique and stylish designs intact for more than two weeks. The long-lasting nature of shellac nails make them the perfect choice for women who want to look their best but must also consider work and family commitments. A shellac treatment provides you with the best of both worlds.

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